25 years of the Relentless Pursuit of Better Roads – Custom Company Apparel - LGCY Supply Co
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25 years of the Relentless Pursuit of Better Roads – Custom Company Apparel

25 years of the Relentless Pursuit of Better Roads

proline 25 years

Gina Patrico, Matthew Jones & their Relentless Crew

Pro-Line Asphalt

Looking to Create:
Custom company apparel to commemorate their 25th anniversary that will be worn by crews and their families for many years to come

“We would like to get T-Shirts made for our 25 year anniversary and are looking for assistance in designing a 25 year logo. Can you assist in that? We are thinking grey shirts with white/black/red in our logo.”

Pro-Line Asphalt needed custom printed and designed tees made for an upcoming baseball outing for their entire crew and families. We put together a special design with a focus on the “25 Years” along with their creed “Relentless”.

Since they’re a patriotic company, we decided to add the American flag print to the right sleeve. Here was our IPO (Initial Product Offering) using the super soft Bella Canvas poly/cotton tee

custom company tees

We used the poly/cotton blended material because it’s soft, comfortable to wear, has a modern fit, and generally does not shrink in the wash.

They wanted apparel items that worked for the adults, teens, children, and babies—so we added youth tees, toddler tees, and even onesies! Here are all the final products:

The shirts were a huge hit and they loved the design for their custom company apparel… so when fall came around they ordered hoodies for the crew with the same print.

We used the Bella Canvas Unisex Fleece Hoodie because this too is insanely soft and comfortable:custom company sweatshirts

Pro-Line Asphalt can be seen all over Oakland and Macomb County repairing our crucial roads with their Relentless spirit. Here are some photos from their Facebook page of their working crews, the 25 Year shirts at their company event, and baseball tees we printed for them the previous year.  

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